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Come join us October 19th 2013 between 1pm-4pm for Fire House 4's Open House. 3145 Granada Sac, Ca 95816


Here is a brief history of S.F.D. and FireHouse 4.

On February 5, 1850 The Sacramento Fire Department organized as a Volunteer Fire Department and established the first fire company in the State of California. As one of the first volunteer companies, Eng4ine was established on August 15th, 1853 known as "Eureka Engine Company No. 4".

On March 30th, 1872, legislation from the State of California was passed, creating the first paid Fire Department in the State of California. The population at the time was 16,283. The original Firehouse 4 was built in 1902 on 26th street between L and Capitol.

136 years later and a population of over 500,000 and 70,907 incidents Firehouse 4 is one of 23 firehouses in the City of Sacramento, CA. This firehouse is the home of Eng4ine and Med4ic.

We're tied for the 3rd busiest Engine and 5th busiest Medic in the Sacramento Fire Department.

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Medic 4 was closed 2010.

Thank you, Firehouse 4.

Jan  374/8  386
Feb  345/6  397
March  334/7  389
April  295/5  372
May  330/5  379
June  336/8  407
July  365/7  410
Aug  356/6  371
Sept  364/4  392
Oct  371/4  396
Nov  332/5  336
Dec  357/5  381
Total4,159/70 4,616

       Stats 20007       Stats 2008
Eng4ine: 3,737/44 FiresEng4ine: 4,159/70 Fires
Med4ic:  4,557Med4ic:  4,616
Total:    8,294Total:    8,775

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